An African Irish boy named Andrew McCoy moves to Hugginstown, Ireland after his dad gets a new job. There, he occasionally visits his uncle who rambles on about the ravens being Sidhe, but he doesn't believe him. One day on the graveyard, he stumbles across an injured raven and takes him back home. He tends to its wing until it fully healed. The raven, however, didn't want to leave just yet and so Andrew had to sleep with it overnight. The next day, he wakes up to see a pale skinned boy dressed in feathers sleeping next to him. He freaks out and discovers he's been taking care of the prince of ravens the entire time.

Straightaway, he's drifted into world never seen before by the naked eye. Filled with Fae and merciless gods, will Andrew be able to keep his new found friend, or will he be dragged down to the darkest depths of the Otherwoods.